Vintage Video: The Gin Club Cooks Bruschetta

So, here's a blast from the semi-recent past. The Gin Club talk the necessity of snacks, bruschetta and ratio whilst showing off their skills for the Rock n Roll Cooking Show.

Laneous & The Family Yah - My Care to You

Oh Lordy! New Laneous!

38 Minutes 11 Seconds with Astrid Jorgensen

Astrid, of the now defunct Astrid and the Asteroids graced the Tall Poppy Productions Recording Studio as part of their regular Acoustic Studios Sessions recently and the folks there were kind enough to post a video of aforementioned gracing. Give it a viddy.

Set List
1. Threadbare
2. UFO 4:37
3. Autopsy 9:30
4. Live Right 15:05
5. Cosmic Lover 21:55
6. Cross To Bare 27:15
7. West End 33:20

Velociraptor 'Ramona' Video

Velociraptor's new track Ramona now has a video. Excellent. Cretaceous Love.

More Babaganouj!

MMB was at the same party as Babaganouj the other day. Still wearing the same clothes. So dreamy.

But enough fantasising. It's too late for that.

What it's not too late for is love. Check out Babaganouj's new vid below. It's even more official than their last one.

Morning Harvey - Girl Euphoria (Come Back to Me)

Morning Harvey are back with another video. This is good news people. So good in fact that if you squint you can imagine you're back in the mid-90's watching a brit pop music video on Rage at 1 in the morning.

Blank on Blank - Kurt Cobain

PBS's Blank on Blank releases some pretty intereting little interview's complete with illustrations. Vintage Interviews - New Animations. That's the tidy little tagline. Here's Kurt Cobain talking about identity back in 1994.

Go Violets, No Longer Going.

It seems Brisbane's Go Violets have hit the skids ladies and gents.
We're sad to announce that after an amazing three year journey, Go Violets is coming to a close.

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunities that we have been given to make friends, meet and discover new bands, and travel the country. We’d like to thank our friends, family and fans who have encouraged and supported us along the way, especially in the Brisbane community.We will all be continuing with our own artistic endeavors so stay tuned.

You can see us play two last shows in the next month, one of which will be at Trainspotters on the 29th of March, and the other an all ages event with details to be released soon.

Go Violets

Gina Works at Hearts. DZ Deathrays Told Me

So DZ Deathrays sophomore album 'Black Rat' is being released and somewhat unsurprisingly there are new videos/songs along with it. Here's the clip for "Gina Works at Hearts". Looks like a tough gig.

Band vs Venue DRAMA!!!!!

So it seems Brisbane's Slow Riots has beef with Ric's. Here's a little something that was posted on their Facebook wall. Beef is still a thing right?
Hey, Brisbane! BOYCOTT RIC'S BAR!!!!!!!

The following is an email I sent their Operations Manager, regarding Saturday night's bullshit.

After receiving a call from a head honcho today who thinks we were "100% in the wrong", we see it fit to let you all know what a poor excuse for a live music venue Ric's has become.


Hi Jodie,

I am seeing red over this. No-one has "died" as you said but our relationship with Rics has been severely poisoned by the actions of your venue manager and two security guards on Saturday night.

Here's the whole story. The Venue Manager can try and tell you it's false, but I have 5-10 friends who witnessed the entire thing and can back up every word I say. The CCTV should speak for itself as well.

10 minutes after getting off stage, I walked back in the front. I DID show the security guard my stamp, which apparently wasn't clear enough. So instead of calling me back, he forcefully grabbed my arm and pulled me back. I said "it's fucking there", with if you would say "Oh I'm terribly sorry sir, did you not see my stamp, apologies for inconveniencing you". This was taken as an "act of violence", when really I would wager that the guard was overflowing with testosterone, and had been waiting to pounce on someone all night.

This was confirmed by his "You got a problem?" which I wasn't given time to answer, as he yanked me out of the venue and he+another guard grabbed hold of me. I was yelled at to "Calm Down, you're being violent" and again was not given the chance to explain myself at all. At this point my friends are in disbelief and the venue manager appears, saying "Look I'm the venue manager, I just saw everything that's happened, I never want you in my bar again". Tried to explain myself....for the third time, not allowed. I'm walked out of the seating area and spend the next few minutes confused as to what the fuck just happened. I'll note that my bandmates spoke to bar staff, who shared my view of the guards' eagerness to get tribal at the drop of a hat.

A FOURTH time, I call the venue manager over and try to explain. He won't have any of it, and "doesn't give a fuck" that I just rocked his venue, or that I've done it between 10 and 15 times over the last few years. A lot of my friends have been ejected by this stage for "having the wrong shoes" (although they were there for our whole set, and consistently noticed people being let in with the same kind of shoes on). So I get my bandmates to lug my gear out of the venue.

I'm walking down the side (Ann St) with my pedalboard when I notice the Venue Manager is locking up the parking gate. I flick a cigarette past him (nowhere NEAR hitting him, just so he would notice) and when he looks at me, I spit on the ground as a sign of disrespect. If that is uncalled for after what he and his guards just put me through, I don't know what planet we're on. He then LEFT the venue (which I'm fairly sure is illegal?) to come and abuse me at my car. Multiple times he said I'd 'never be allowed back in again' and that we weren't getting paid, as I'd apparently "violated the booking agreement" by "being violent". What a joke...thankfully our drummer had already got the money from the sound guy.

My bandmates then came out and informed me that he had threatened to "break my fingers and I wouldn't be able to play guitar again".

This guy is an absolute hothead (as were the two guards) and has NO place in a live music venue. He didn't even know who was performing at his venue, and didn't respect them enough to hear their side of a situation. That is 100% not on.

Here's what I think is fair. He and the two guards (who I would easily be able to identify) involved need to lose their jobs. I don't care how long he has been there. Even if my "lifetime ban" was removed, I would be extremely wary about entering Rics again...especially to play a show, where I would be recognised by this idiot and very likely treated the same way.

Slow Riots have done a lot for has become our Home Base, and we consistently pull a good crowd there. The nights are usually fun, but this one was an absolute nightmare.

I do hope we can work something out. Please respond by next Wednesday the 19th, or unfortunately we'll have to go very public with this, and let our many friends in Brisbane's music scene know how far Rics Bar has fallen. That is not something I want to do, but if you're unwilling to remove the scumbags who are ruining your venue's name, it's the only option.


James Hilan
Slow Riots


There you have it. Thanks heaps to Krystn, Alex and the other folks who always took care of us at Rics (ALL have since left or been replaced...go figure).

Brisbane bands, we hope this encourages you to go play the many other venues (The Waiting Room, The Lab, The Underdog to name a few) who actually treat their artists with some respect.

Leave Rics Bar in the dust.....the people in charge now are not deserving of the good reputation that their predecessors built up over the years.

~ SR

The Cairos - Desire

Shame, Obsession, Desire. Is there... Is there a pattern here?

The Trouble with Templeton - Soldiers

The Trouble With Templeton's new album should be out soon. They're pretty good y'all. Here's a taste, the video for "Soldiers" which, if the internet can be believed, is going to be on the album.

An Official Unofficial Video from The Jungle Giants

Officially unofficial The Jungle Giants have released a video for Domesticated Man from their debut Album "Learn to Exist".

Domesticated Man. Decrepit.

New Ball Park Music Music!

So Ball Park Music have an album coming out! Puddinghead is what it's called. And there's songs on there. This is one of them. "She Only Loves Me When I'm There"